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Esteemed NAHU Members,

The Membership Council, Board of Trustees, and Media Committee of NAHU has designated Tuesday, January 14th as Just Ask One day. We have each accepted the challenge of simply asking one non-member to join the NAHU family.  What about you?  As a member, will you please join us in this most critical campaign in asking others to join?  Think about all of your carrier/vendor rep’s, administrative staff, brokers, colleagues, etc.   

Our ultimate goal is to create the habit of asking, as you know we are only as strong as our membership numbers.  We all know one of the keys to growing membership is to consistently ask non-members to join.  Our goal is as simple as it gets, to get as many members as possible to ask one non-member to join on Tuesday, January 14th and then continue doing so on a monthly basis.   To simply this campaign we’ve prepared the following “Just Ask One” emailer.  Simply remove all content above the line and forward it to your one prospective NAHU member.


Membership in NAHU gives our members the knowledge, expertise and experience to be the leaders in their industry.  Our media efforts promote the industry and the role of the broker along with our Advocacy efforts in lobbying to members of Congress, the Administration and state legislators on key issues that matter to you and your clients.

These are just a few benefits of NAHU membership.  Click Here to see the full $8,000 value of membership in NAHU.

Ways to Join:

  • Online– annual and monthly payment options
    • Put “JustOne” in the referred by/sponsor field so we know how you came to us
  • Download this special application (attached) and send it in.  


If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected]