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Insure Oklahoma Questions

Attached is a memo from our lobbyist explaining SQ814, which is on the ballot on Tuesday.  Also addressed in the memo is information on the Insure Oklahoma Phase Out / Wavier Request.

We appreciate all the hard work our Legislative Committee does, along with the hard work and insight our lobbyist Seth Rott provides!




To:       Andrea Blevins; Connie Morgan Kitchen

From:   Seth Rott – McSpadden Milner Robinson

Date:   Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Re:       Insure Oklahoma Questions



Question: Would Passage of State Question 814 Negatively Impact Insure Oklahoma?


Answer: No. Insure Oklahoma is funded by taxes collected on the sales of cigarette and other tobacco products as levied in Title 68 Section 302-5. This tax was levied by a vote of the people with the adoption of State Question 713 in November of 2004.

Conversely, the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TEST) was formed by a vote of the people with the passage of State Question 692 which was adopted in 2000.

Insure Oklahoma does not receive any funding from TSET. Earmarking additional monies from TSET to the State Medicaid program to help pay for the expansion, which happened with the passage of State Question 802, will not impact funding for Insure Oklahoma.



Question: What is the Insure Oklahoma Phase Out / Waiver Request?

Answer: This is the implementation of the press release and statements put out by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. It is doing away with the Insure Oklahoma Individual Market and will modify eligibility for Insure Oklahoma ESI program. The impacted populations are as follows:

These changes are a result of the efforts of the Oklahoma Association of Health Underwriters and our legislative committee’s work back in May of this year where we pleaded with the Health Care Authority not to eliminate the ESI Program. Under the revisions, people with 133% FPL or below who are on an employer sponsored plan will be transitioned to the Medicaid Expansion population which was created by the passage of State Question 802 in June 2020.

Further changes to the ESI Program should be considered to allow for the creation of higher quality products to be offered through the program outside of Platinum products.

This issue is a state issue not one of federal jurisdiction, as such we should examine any statutory and regulatory changes needed to give the carriers as much flexibility to create affordable and modernized products.